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We have some Great News,

Scotcoin as one of our key Sponsors is offering to all first time customers a purchase Price Match Offer via Scotcoin -what does this mean? simply put you have purchased any product amount i.e. £100.00+vat ,you will then be given  a % back in Scotcoin Digital Currency of your original product purchase via  your New Scotcoin Wallet which  we will help you set up after you have Completed your first purchase-simply go to live support chat to our agent 24/7 or go to think link and follow the instructions .

Yes, What a fanstaic Offer !

So any purchase you make today across our site you get the Price Match offer via Scotcoin and we can plant more  trees to offset your Carbon Foot Print and employ more people.

Dont Delay Act Today Before This Great Offer Closes:

Scotcoin is helping Planting Direct to achieve its goal of planting 70,000,000 trees over the coming 5-10 years in Cambodia  and more countries lauching soon..

Plant Trees Offset Your Carbon Footprint

Plant    2  trees  £  13.00+vat
Plant    5  trees  £  30.00+vat
Plant   10  trees  £  55.00+vat
Plant   25  trees  £125.00+vat
Plant   50  trees  £237.50+vat
Plant 100  trees  £450.00+vat

Remove carbon footprint now

Help us remove Carbon Footprint

Become A Major Partner:

A. Become a Planting Direct Advisor or Ambassador:

  1. Planting Direct Advisor:

    Plant 10 Trees- offset C02 -affiliate membership- £90.00+vat

  2. Planting Direct Ambassador:

    Plant 100 Trees-offset CO2-affiliate membership-£450.00+vat

Enquire for more Information Live Support:

B. Plant Mango Orchard -offset CO2: yearly income for 10-25 years 15.76% Fixed
Enquire for more Information Live Support:

C. Plant Hardwood Forest -offset CO2: yearly income for 10-25 years 18.67% Fixed
Enquire for more Information Live Support:

Become an Investor:

Price Match from Scotcoin on every first time account :

You Invest:

Scotcoin Credit Bonus:

You Can Now Go To Our Sister Site and Start To Invest Now and Get your Eco Hemp Shares Immediate included in our automatic system or speak to live support on this site.

By planting trees you will remove CO2 from the planet and support the Cambodian people by giving them a living wage and encouraging a better standard of living for all their families.

We will be launching other countries in 2022.

*for larger amounts we will request approval from Scotcoin speak to us: